Eshwar Prasad Yaddanapudi's

passionate and curious software engineer

Eshwar Prasad Yaddanapudi

I am Eshwar Prasad Yaddanapudi from Hyderabad, Telangana, India. I am a passionate and curious developer at heart and mind. I spend my day the same way as everyone does.

However, most of the week, I share my time with a group of my wonderful family - my laptop, Internet connection and world of knowledge that I get access to with these 2 wonderful friends.

I stay with my parents and they are the most wonderful guys I have ever had until I got married on Feb-14-2016. Now, I have an awesome family of my mom and dad, brother-in-law and my sister , my loving wife (Jyotsna Prasad) and me!

I am currently working in one of the product development companies based out of Hyderabad. My day goes developing awesome applications that are part of the products that we sell to our wonderful clients across the globe!

When not with my code, I spend time reading books, going out with my family for a restaurant near by or to a shopping mall. I am a huge fan of Telugu movies but I watch English and Hindi movies that get good reviews online. One of the biggest and the happiest moments that I love is going out to a temple with my wonderful wife. She is a big blessing to me apart from my parents and my sister!