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Passion and Compassion - your companions of sucess

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Passion  and Compassion - a new way to lead your life for an all round development

- An intense desire or enthusiasm for something.
- A thing arousing great enthusiasm.

- Understanding
- caring for someone/something
- Concern for something/someone

Passion and Compassion when put together will bring the best in you.
In the current lifestyle and working environments, Passion and Compassion should go hand in hand for you to achieve success.
Many of us have used the word Compassion many a times but in one particular context - that is - feeling of love/concern/empathy for someone who is in suffering.
However, Compassion has a whole new meaning in the present lifestyle that we lead - where work life balance and performance delivery in so important for every individual.
Passion is what drives you to learn and acquire new knowledge whereas Compassion is what that will drive you to share the knowledge that you acquired.

Sharing knowledge has become an important aspect of everyone's personal and professional lives. Being Compassionate in life will make you get loved by everyone around you.
They feel happy to share their emotions and they feel safe sharing their thoughts with you. While being Compassionate at office will help you earn - 'the go to person' tag for suggestions and advises. In a long run this will make you a trustworthy friend/colleague and people look up to as someone whom they can take as an idol.

I am passionate and compassionate and becoming a compassionate person in office. What about you? Share your thoughts here! Thank you!
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